Parent Pay

If you need assistance please contact a member of the School Finance Team on 01243 552 055 or Mr Vinter at

ParentPay is an online payment method which puts you in control. You can access ParentPay at any time, track how much you have paid, what is outstanding and make payments directly to the Schools using your debit, credit card or online bank transfer. You can also check meals your child has eaten, and receive meal funds reminders.

SPH Canteen - Innovate

At St Philip Howard Catholic School, we are committed to providing nutritious and delicious meals for our students. Our canteen is provided in partnership with Innovate, a company that specialises in providing high-quality school meals. We are proud to offer a range of healthy and tasty meals, including vegetarian and halal options, to cater for the needs of all our students. Innovate regularly sets new and exciting menus, providing students with a wide range of food choices to choose from.

Our canteen also hosts themed canteen days, such as ‘Street Food’ and ‘Christmas’, where the food is curated based on the theme. These special days provide students with a unique dining experience and the opportunity to try new and exciting foods. At St Philip Howard Catholic School, we believe that a healthy and balanced diet is essential for our students’ well-being and academic success. We are committed to providing a canteen service that promotes healthy eating habits and encourages students to make informed choices about their diet.