About our Houses

At St Philip Howard Catholic School, we take great pride in our House System, which is designed to celebrate the achievements of our students in a wide range of areas. From academic success in the classroom to sporting prowess on the field, and from demonstrating kindness and empathy to contributing to the school community through expressive arts productions, all achievements are recognized and celebrated through our House System.

Our Houses are also deeply rooted in our school values, with a strong spiritual link that draws on the lives and teachings of both local and modern-day saints. This provides a meaningful and inspiring framework for our students to develop their sense of belonging, pride and identity within our school community. Our House System fosters a sense of healthy competition and encourages teamwork, cooperation and support, promoting a sense of community and togetherness that is an important part of life at St Philip Howard Catholic School.

SPH Houses

Our house system has a very strong spiritual link that strengthens are school values. Using both local and modern-day saints, these comprise of:

Mr B Van Driel

Miss A Niehorster

Mrs L Eaton

Ms S Farnell

Mr D Curtis

Ms J Eade

Mrs C Newton

The House System

The house system is a vertical formation, incorporating one form per year for each house allowing for team building across the age groups. Each house have selected House Captains whom are involved in promoting events and signing ups, help to run house assemblies, representing the school during tours and involved in staff vs pupils events! This therefore promotes student leadership and responsibility and can be their first step in towards becoming prefects in KS4.

Inter-House Competitions range from quizzes, debates, subject specific events, games, creative skill building and sports day.
Each House will also have the opportunity to raise money for the School’s chosen charities, demonstrating their faith and Gospel values in action.

As well as this all students can collect BELIEF Points for achievement, attainment and attendance in class and around school. These points are also tallied up and added to the total house score. Each house will also record each individual student’s amount of points and the top students in each house can achieve a special award.