'Becoming the people
that god calls us to be'


Positive attitude towards school life.


Always aiming for 100% attendance.


Presentation and equipment.

TEXT HERE If you do have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our transition team: SPH-Transition@sphcs.co.uk For any additional support queries contact: KDavessHumphrey@sphcs.co.uk


School runs on a 2 week timetable, which rotates fortnightly. Start of term is Week 1.
Access policy
Edulink is the home portal to find where everything is, including homework, behaviour for learning, pupil reports, parent evening booking and more.
In the first week of joining SPH, all parents get their own logins to a parent view of their child’s EduLink to support with clear communication and support between home and school.
Further support with this will be sent out to all parents/guardians when required.
Link: Edulink
All homework’s run on a 2 week timetable throughout the year. Required subject timings are listed below:


Can I choose my tutor group?

You will spend the next five years with the same tutor group and so it is vital that we get the group dynamics right. To do this we speak to your primary schools to find out who you work well with, as well as looking at a range of other data including behaviours for learning, support and attendance.

It is important that you feel comfortable within your tutor group and so we do our best to ensure that everyone is with someone that they know and work well with, however we respectfully ask that parents/carers do not make requests or recommendations for groupings.

Where can I go at break and lunchtime?

There are a range of places around the school that pupils are able to go to during social time. This includes, the Canteen, Main Hall, Courtyard Covered Area, Covered Area attached to the Main Hall, Field, Inclusion, Chaplaincy Room and Chapel.

To support with this, during Transition, future year 7 pupils will have a designated area on the field as a base.

What modern foreign language will I study?

All pupils are placed in a language at the start of year 7. This will then be the pupils subject language all the way up to GCSE if they decide to take it. This is to allow all pupils to learn a greater depth of the language and thrive further in the language at GCSE.

Are there any clubs that I can join?

At school we have many Enrichments Clubs and opportunities throughout the year the we recommend pupils getting involved in. To fully embrace what SPH has to offer we suggest pupils attending at least 2 or 3 clubs a week. 

The club list will be sent out in the first term and uploaded to the Enrichment tab on this page. Additional clubs and trips are advertised throughout the year during form and through our school newsletter. 

Do we need a laptop? 

Although we cannot expect pupils to have access to a computer at home, all assignments will be set online and may require the use of subject specific apps or technology.

To support with this we do have a homework club that runs everyday in Inclusion, apart from Thursday, that pupils have access too and are able to use the school laptops and support from our Inclusion Team.

We are excited to be launching our new device scheme. this allows parents/carers to purchase laptops for students to access homework at home.The devices are on a buy now or a loan monthly scheme. For more information please see the flyer below.


Enrichment is our after school clubs at SPH that are there to enrich our pupils lives and overall school experience. These may be run termly or all year round depending on the subject.

To fully embrace school life, we recommend pupils attending at least 2 or 3 clubs a week.

Click here to see our club list

Working collaboratively

As a school, we are all about community and working together to ensure we are building each pupil into Becoming the People God Called Us to Be. Working collaboratively is a big part of this. As you can see from the 'Triangle of Student Success', when we work together every pupil can thrive.




Tech We Use
In School

We have created video guides for technology we regularly use in school.

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