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Year 12/13 Mock Examinations Timetable

The Sixth Form AS and A2 students will be completing Mock Examinations in all their subjects including any resit modules for A2 students. Lessons and P11 assessments start back on Tuesday 3 January. The Mock Examinations begin on Monday 8 January 2018 and run to Friday 19 January 2018.

This is a vital stage in your son/daughter´s preparation for their AS and final A2 examinations in the summer and it is important that their preparation for these examinations is as thorough as possible. These results will assist the teaching and pastoral teams in making accurate interventions help to identify and address any areas of concern.

Please support us by ensuring your son/daughter amends their revision timetable for the holiday period, an excellent resource can be found at www.getrevising.co.uk, and continues to refresh his/her learning alongside practising examination style questions so that they are able to achieve fully in line with their indicative grades and better.

If a student is not taking an examination listed they will not need to attend lessons, unless specifically requested by a teacher. Subject teachers will be available in classrooms during timetabled lessons to offer revision and support. Please encourage your son/daughter to attend all of these lessons. The Sixth Form Centre and other classrooms will be available for silent study and revision throughout the exam period.

Lessons, including P11 assessments, start back in full on Monday 22 January. Please encourage rigorous revision planning and exam preparation.

Year 12 Mock Exams Timetable

DatePeriod 1Period 2Period 3Period 4Period 5Period 6
Mon 8 JanMathematics 2hSociology 1h30
Music Mus 1 1h30
Product Design 1h30
Tues 9 JanTheatre Studies 2h
French Listening & Reading MFL 1h45
Business Studies 1h30
Psychology 1h30
Wed 10 JanEnglish Language (paper 1) 1h30
Geography 1h30
Religious Studies 1h30
Physics 1h30
Thu 11 JanPolitics 1h45
English Literature 1h30
Further Mathematics 1h30
Chemistry 1h30
PE (paper 1) 1h
Fri 12 JanFrench Writing 1h45
English Language (paper 2) 45m
History (Britain) 1h30
Mon 15 JanSpanish Listening & Reading MFL 1h45 Biology 1h30
Tues 16 JanMedia Studies Rm 7&10 2h15
Spanish Writing 1h45
PE (paper 2) 1h
Dance 1h30
History (Russia) 1h30

Year 13 Mock Exams Timetable

DatePeriod 1Period 2Period 3Period 4Period 5Period 6
Mon 8 JanChemistry 2h
Media Studies 2h
Ancient History 2h
French Writing 2h40
Spanish Reading & Listening MFL 2h
Product Design 1h30
PE 1h
Tues 9 JanBiology (paper 1) 2h
Theatre Studies 3h
Business Studies (paper 1) 2h
Mathematics (Core 3) 1h30
Wed 10 JanMusic Mus 1 2h15
Sociology 2h
Dance 2h
Geography 1h30
Product Design 1h
PE 1h
Thu 11 JanEnglish Language (paper 1) 2h30
Spanish Writing 2h40m
Further Mathematics (Further Pure 1) 1h30
Govt & Politics 1h30
Fri 12 JanReligious Studies 2h
Business Studies (paper 2) 2h
History (Britain) 1h30
Mon 15 JanEnglish Literature (paper 1) 2h30
PE 2h
Further Mathematics (Mechanics 2) 1h30
Biology (paper 2) 1h30
Tues 16 JanCreative Writing 3h
Physics (paper 1) 2h
French Reading & Listening MFL 2h
History (Russia) 1h30
Wed 17 JanEnglish Language (paper 2) 2h30 Physics (paper 2) 1h30
Thu 18 JanPsychology 2h Mathematics (Mechanics 1) 1h30
Fri 19 JanEnglish Literature (paper 2) 3h