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A few highlights from the April 2016 Ofsted report ...
´This is an outstanding school.´

´Outcomes are outstanding. Excellent relationships between teachers and pupils, together with highly effective systems for tracking pupils´ progress, ensure that all groups of pupils achieve very well.´

´Achievement at GCSE has been well above the national average for the past three years. Highquality teaching, learning and assessment ensures that pupils make above-average progress in all subject areas.´

´Leaders and teachers ensure that pupils hold a strong work ethic, high aspirations and a genuine desire to excel.´

´The school offers a caring and inclusive community where pupils flourish. Regular opportunities for spiritual, moral, social and cultural development are woven throughout lessons and the life of the school. Consequently, pupils are very well prepared for life in modern, diverse Britain.´

´Pupils are happy at St Philip Howard Catholic High School and staff keep them safe. Parents are enthusiastic in their support for the school and believe that it serves their children extremely well.´
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